February 8, 2018

Be My Valentine—“Ultimate Feast” Awaits Couples at the Warehouse

Whether your idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day involves a night away or a night on the town, Spaghetti Warehouse is serving up its “Ultimate Feast” to satisfy your appetite and experience an opportunity to express your love for delicious Italian food…and (of course) for one another!

What better way to get out of the house and enjoy someone else taking care of the cooking and serving it all up to you on a platter (what else?) full of our most popular entrees including:

Chicken Parmigiana
Our Incredible 15-Layer Lasagne
Spaghetti with our House Made Tomato Sauce and
Ravioli with our creamy (also House Made) Alfredo Sauce

In addition, we’ll serve you our Italian Pork Sausages and the fresh made, hand rolled Meatballs we’re known for. And, plenty of our hot sourdough bread with garlic butter.

A delicious meal, memorable night out and a tremendous value for just $30.

For a little extra, it wouldn’t be complete without a glass or bottle of one of our white, red or rose’ wines, or your choice of one of our flavorful cocktails or a selection of one of our craft beers or 22 oz. drafts.

To top it all off, we invite you to select one of our enticing new Cheesecake Factory Bakery desserts, including a sensational slice of Chocolate Black-Out Cake, or choose from three varieties of cheesecakes—Godiva Double Chocolate, Classic or Reese’s Peanut Butter. There’s even a sampler of Cheesecake Factory Bakery cupcakes!

Fresh made Italian food, a unique atmosphere and a fantastic evening celebrating one another’s company…Happy Valentine’s Day! For over 40 years, Spaghetti Warehouse has been your destination restaurant for celebrations of all kinds. Your Valentine’s Day table is ready, and we look forward to Celebrating Life with You.