November 2, 2017

Plans for Veteran’s Day? “Invite a Veteran or Soldier to Lunch or Dinner” at Spaghetti Warehouse

Everyone is Welcome to Share in the Celebration, Special Coupon Offer

Within many circles of families and friends, there is often someone close to us who’s either on active duty in the military, or they’re a veteran, who’s completed their service in defense of our country.

For a lot of us, we can’t thank that person enough for their dedication and service. In fact, you could say that we should celebrate “Veteran’s Day” every day.

For some of us, our loved ones in the military are stationed nearby, providing us with an opportunity to get together, from time to time, and enjoy a meal with one another. For others, we come together for a meal, as a reminder of the importance they represent to us, even though they are not with us.

And, we celebrate Veteran’s Day out of respect to our family members and friends, whether they’ve completed their obligation, retired from the Armed Forces, or have passed away – leaving us to celebrate their legacy – by sharing a meal as an ideal opportunity to experience great tasting food in one another’s company.

This year, Spaghetti Warehouse is celebrating Veteran’s Day with a special three-day “buy one entrée, get one entrée free” coupon offer beginning on Friday, Nov. 10th that is good through Sunday, Nov. 12th.

Because many of us may not have a relative or friend that’s a veteran or an active member of our military, we invite everyone to join with their family, friends or co-workers, use this coupon, and be our guest to share in the celebration of Veterans Day and what it means for all of us.

With the coupon, it’s your choice to select any one of the restaurant’s Original Recipe Spaghetti entrées – including our ‘Famous’ Spaghetti and Meatballs – or our ‘Incredible’ 15-Layer Lasagne or our fresh and delicious Fettuccini Alfredo and you’ll receive a second entrée FREE.

Getting the coupon is easy. You can download and print the coupon from our website at: You’ll also find the coupon on our Facebook page at: Or, simply present it to the server from your mobile phone.

We’ll serve to you a complete meal and provide you with an outstanding value. Each of our dinner entrees and classic lunches are served with your choice of a fresh garden salad or housemade soup and there’s always plenty of fresh sourdough bread with garlic butter to pass around the table. 

At Spaghetti Warehouse, we pride ourselves on serving food that’s fresh and delicious, in a unique atmosphere and we encourage everyone to celebrate life together, as we show our thanks and appreciation to our family and friends who’ve done so much for all of us.