January 29, 2018

Planning a “Big Game” Party? Bring it Home & Win with Spaghetti Warehouse “Take Out”

Whether you’re a fan of football or a fan of big parties, the weekend of the “Big Game” is just around the corner. And, now that we know who will be playing in the Big Game, it’s time to start planning (what else?)—your “Big Game” party.

Of course, when it comes to celebrations, your first play is to visit the place known for “Celebrating Life With You”, Spaghetti Warehouse. And, whether your “Big Game” Day menu calls for you to provide the main dish along with a few side items (and your friends and family “pitch in” on the drinks), or you decide to “go for it all” with our Catering Menu, Spaghetti Warehouse has you covered. It’s your call!

Our “Pick Up ‘N Go Party Platters” feature your choice of our most popular entrées—including  “Our Incredible” 15-Layer Lasagne, our “World Famous” Spaghetti and Meatballs or a variety of our delicious pasta dishes. You can also choose to add a few of our side items, including everything from our hand-rolled, made-fresh Meatballs and house-made sauce to soups, salads and of course our hot sourdough bread with garlic butter.

Our Catering Menu is a “Package Deal”—When deciding on what you’ll be serving, Spaghetti Warehouse offers a complete meal package—choose from four different “combinations”—each of which includes an entrée, fresh garden salad and sourdough bread. One of the combos also includes dessert. For a little extra, you can add Iced Tea or Lemonade by the gallon. No need to cook anything, simply enjoy your friends and have a good time.

With great food comes great fun and we’ve got three tips on hosting a party that will have everyone cheering, including:

Take to the Field—Invite your guests over a little early for a game of touch football to get in the mood and have some fun before game time

Get Into the Game—Be ready for a little “in game” entertainment. Invite each guest to:

Predict the winner’s final score, write the guess on a tag and tie it to their glass. Closest to the score wins!

Who wins the coin flip? Who’s the MVP?

Or, take a guess on whether the halftime performer is singing LIVE or LIP SYNCING?

Plan for Extras—“Just in Case”—Our menus feature a variety of “extras” including appetizers and desserts, all of which are available to fit every taste and budget. After all, there are lots of commercials, so you’ll need lots of food!

It’s almost time for the “Big Game” pre-game, the commercials, the game, halftime show and the confetti cannons celebrating the winners. So, don’t go it alone, put your party plans on the tee and kick off the celebration with Spaghetti Warehouse!