October 23, 2017

“Italian Feast”—Two Better Words for Food Never Been Spoken

Festival of Feasts: Ideal Opportunity to Experience Great Tasting Fresh Made Food

When it comes to putting together two words to perfectly describe a type of food, there are few better combinations in the world than “Italian feast”. Think about that for a minute.

Italian food is made fresh in the kitchen; from recipes that are often handed down over generations. And, from the moment anyone starts cooking until every bit of food disappears, two things happen.

First, there’s an incredibly delicious aroma that overtakes your senses and consumes whatever airspace is around you. And, second, it seems as though there’s food everywhere you look (envision lots of sauce, hand rolled meatballs and freshly grated cheeses everywhere you look, all of it dripping with deliciousness).

An Italian feast is just that and so much more.

And, now, we invite you to visit Spaghetti Warehouse to experience for yourself our “(Italian) Festival of Feasts”.

The main course includes your choice of any of (4) different Feasts – including our ‘Incredible’ 15-Layer Lasagne, Spaghetti Feast (with, of course, two hand-rolled meatballs), Grilled Chicken Alfredo or Chicken Parmigiana. Each feast is a complete meal that includes your choice of a fresh garden salad or house made soup along with plenty of hot sourdough bread.

Featuring layer upon layer of lasagne noodles, our Lasagne Platter Feast is made with meat sauce, Italian pork sausage and ground beef, together with a unique blend of hand grated Romano, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses. And, it’s topped with our own housemade meat sauce. Creating this unmistakable flavor comes from the fact that it takes us three full days to prepare each serving of lasagne.

Another all-time guest favorite, our Spaghetti Feast, is topped with lots of our fresh made meat sauce, two hand rolled meatballs and (because, well, it’s a FEAST), a sweet Italian sausage link. Speaking of meatballs, Spaghetti Warehouse hand rolls – from scratch – several thousand meatballs every day at each of our locations.

If you’re taste for Italian is best served with chicken, we offer your choice of our new Grilled Chicken Alfredo Feast or new Chicken Parmigiana Feast. Each dish – available for a limited time – is served with a skewer of grilled shrimp and grilled asparagus.

It adds up to a lot of value for a great tasting feast; Italian food made with the freshest ingredients and a complete meal that includes a choice of a fresh garden salad or a cup of housemade soup and plenty of hot sourdough bread for each person in your party!

There you have it, an Italian feast that says it all…in two words; an experience everyone can appreciate. See you soon!