December 18, 2017

Celebrate “National Sangria Day” Dec. 20th at Spaghetti Warehouse

Fresh & Flavorful! Try our New Cinnamon Apple Sangria.

As we’ve often said, when it comes to celebrating special occasions, Sangria is the “official” sweet libation that – for centuries – people have enjoyed as a refreshing drink, that’s best served by the pitcher among family and friends.

So much so, there’s even a “day” in honor of this great tasting cocktail. That’s right, “National Sangria Day” on December 20th – just in time for the holidays!

And, what better place to raise a glass and celebrate than right here – with us – at Spaghetti Warehouse. After all, we’ve been stirring it up for more than 40 years, sharing with you, your family and friends, our selection of house made cocktails as the perfect pairing with the delicious, fresh made Italian food we’re known for.

Of course, because we always pride ourselves on keeping things fresh, we invite you to try our new Cinnamon Apple Sangria.

Our original recipe features a combination that blends together sweet red wine, brandy and lots of fresh citrus juice. And, we offer it by the glass, in a half- or full-carafe, or a pitcher.

The deep, red drink gets its name from the Spanish word sangre. Definitions aside, its history as a cocktail suggests that it’s perfect for almost any occasion regardless of the season. Sangria is a refreshing compliment to the good cheer of any holiday gathering.

If white wines are your favorite, we suggest you order a glass of our Warehouse White Melon Sangria; it combines a sweet white wine, grapefruit vodka and, of course, lots of fresh citrus juice and it’s garnished with a peach slice.

In between your visits to the Warehouse, we are happy to share with you our recipe for a pitcher of White Melon Sangria (with fizz!) to enjoy with your friends and family.

White Sangria
10 oz. of Grapefruit Vodka
10 oz. of peach puree
10 oz. of fresh lemon juice
750 ml bottle of sweet white wine

1. Fill a 64-ounce pitcher with ice.
2. Add all ingredients and mix well.
3. Fill glass with wine mixture.
4. Top with splash of citrus soda or Prosecco.
5. Add your favorite fresh fruit for garnish and flavor. Limes, lemons, oranges and blackberries are always great options.