December 28, 2017

Celebrate Life, Ring in the New Year at the “Warehouse”

Just on the other side of “Happy Holidays” and the gift giving is THE NEW YEAR!

It’s great, isn’t it? It starts on New Year’s Eve…the one day (…and night) out of an entire year that we can party and celebrate being together.

And, in the time leading up to midnight, it’s just fun! What’s more, once the countdown to the New Year is complete, the “party” begins all over again and we start the New Year by looking ahead with excitement and our list of resolutions to do everything a little bit better.

Perhaps, best of all, it’s the time when we get together with our family and friends and enjoy all kinds of food; a variety of seemingly everything from entrées, salads and appetizers to a host of decadent desserts and refreshing drinks.

Speaking of drinks, Spaghetti Warehouse is adding a twist, you might say, to the New Year’s celebration with some new cocktails! The new drinks feature some specially created flavors like Limoncello added to Lemon Drop and Kiwi and Ruby Red Vodka for their new White Melon Sangria. There is also a video with these new cocktails you’ll want to be sure and check out (along with their Italian and Classic Margaritas, Tiramisu Martini and more…).

This year, we’re sticking with a tradition we started a few years ago, with our New Year’s celebration by enjoying a nice dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse. They’ve got a great new Celebration menu (…even MORE to choose from…). And, because, Spaghetti Warehouse is one of those places that’s perfect for hosting large parties, you can do what we’re doing and reserve one of their banquet rooms. It gives us a chance to join with our family and friends, enjoy some freshly made Italian food, yet relax and feel right at home.

Spaghetti Warehouse offers a wide selection of appetizers and handcrafted entrées—everything from their (and our) all-time favorites—“Incredible” 15-Layer Lasagne or their “World Famous” Spaghetti and Meatballs—to a selection that includes pasta dishes, specialties such as their new Double Down Chicken Parmigiana, delicious new Burgers and Italian sandwiches and so much more.

Of course, no trip to the Warehouse is complete without making sure you enjoy some of their hand rolled meatballs and hot Sourdough bread. They also offer some tantalizing desserts, including everything from their Brownie Sundae Supreme and Warehouse Tiramisu (my personal favorite…) to their New York Style Cheesecake or Vanilla Bean Cannoli.

Our plans are ready to go and we’re on a “countdown” of our own to celebrating the New Year. It’ll make for another memorable night out at Spaghetti Warehouse.