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  • Houston, Texas
    The Desel-Boettcher Warehouse was built in the Main Street Market Square Historic District in 1903 as a produce warehouse and storehouse for the Southern Pacific Railroad...
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  • Dayton, Ohio
    The Spaghetti Warehouse building was constructed in 1916 to house Thomas Manufacturing, a mail-order and manufacturing business specializing in lamps, flashlights and lighting systems...
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  • Columbus, Ohio
    When the historic Crystal Ice Manufacturing and Cold Storage Building was built in 1891, it was the largest facility of its sort and considered state of the art in its time...
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  • Toledo, Ohio
    Just blocks from the Maumee River, the Spaghetti Warehouse building in downtown Toledo was constructed in the early 1920s as a bottling company for the Hoppe and Strub Brewery...
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  • Tampa, Florida
    Vicente Martinez Ybor, the founder of Ybor City, built Tampa’s first two cigar factories in 1886. Almost 100 years later, one of those buildings became Spaghetti Warehouse in 1983...
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